Merry Spring!

Hope you're enjoying it!

Here I have a few smalls this month.

Firstly, I've taken a simple, tissue box cover and painted it out in a earthy yellow. Distressed it a bit, then added a copy of an antique botanical of Lady Slippers.

I'm a big fan of Lady Slippers. When I was young, my grandmother,Dee Dee knew a place where there were lots of them. She would let me pick only one, and even that was naughty!

Tissue Box is 19.00 which includes shipping

Next, I created this paper pocket, using another antique botanical of a Tulip.

It measures approximately 5 x 3 without the hanger, and has a crepe ruffle. I've stitched the botanical to the front, and attached small, brass jump rings, to which I have fastened rusty wire. Filled with dried flax. Pretty and Fresh. :)

Paper Pocket is 9.00 which includes shipping

Lastly, I have a pair of hares, hand made cards.

Using my own portrait of Mrs. Hare (in her everyday clothes), and this cute, country, cardstock, these cards measure 4 x 6. They come with cute, brown, top loading envelopes. I just love the fun, folky look these have.

Cards are 7.00, which includes hare travel fare.

Thank you for visiting!